I think this is the most appropriate of times to introduce… Sita.


Sita is about 2 years old.  She was found when she was giving birth to her babies.  After Sita and her babies were found, her babies found loving homes, but she did not and instead endured rejection from time to time.  As time went on, her mom (me) was introduced to her and she loved her from the minute she saw her.  She is expressive, outspoken, but enjoys rest, relaxation and pondering the wonders of being a Cat.  Sita is determined and has a strong will to achieve her goals – that being food-related and affection-related goals.  Her favourite drink is water and she prefers chicken, roasted or grilled normally served with sardine.  Her pet peeves are birds and getting her nails trimmed.  Sita also does not like being held or picked up, but she is beginning to see that her mommy loves her lots and just wants to give her a hug sometimes.  She does not hesitate to speak her mind to a bird or person who comes into her space.  Sometimes, she is confused for being a rabbit or bear, normally by her owner, but other than that, Sita loves living life to the fullest as a soft kittycat.


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