Laying down

This week, in more ways than one, has been like a yoga class (make it the longer, advanced class).    Last Sunday night, it was like getting ready to go to yoga class with 2 hours sleep, and very little to eat.  How can I do this?  So much to do, very little strength to […]

A Poem – Yes.

After investing a lot of time devoted to ‘constructing’ and developing some sort of ‘goal’ for this blog – I have given up.    I am choosing to think about no borders in terms of expression.  As a result, today I am sharing a poem.  It is one the closest to me and has been […]

Music for the Week

I decided to start sharing my favourite albums of all time with people.   The truth is, when you love something so much, its hard to not express it and talk about it.  One of my strong loves is of course the music.  Fingers crossed with schedule et. al. I want to talk about one […]

Reality TV and the ladies of entertainment

Reality TV really doesn’t like women.  I say that lightly.  Specifically VH1 reality series.    I could go off in all directions about the specific reasons and interpret, dissect the sexist degrading presentations of women in reality TV shows, but there is a deeper issue that underlies it.   How is this TV supported?  How […]