“Chris was never violent”

I am going to try to keep this short, as I  am sure this is no ‘new’ news to y’all.

Chris Brown, known for primarily bashing music star, Rihanna’s head into his car, and threatening to kill her, appeared on Larry King Live, with his mother at his side.   Larry King asked quite bluntly, “Do you remember killing her?”.  Brown simply replied “No, I mean, it was all a blur.”

This boy, who I refuse to refer to as a man, has unfortunately dug himself into another hole.  You would think that after almost killing your girlfriend, you would be begging for any opportunity to change yourself, and seek help for your anger and abusive capacity, yet no… just deny it on Larry King.  I should mention that he later tried to ‘reclaim himself’ on the internet by releasing another statement saying that “Larry King was being too intrusive and had asked me the question so many times so I just misspoke”.

You probably don’t remember taking off after being released and partying in Las Vegas and jet skiing at resorts, either?   Because you know, you were just so affected by your actions and would do anything to take it back.  But before you do that, you must go drink, party and escape.

Did you mean “No” as in you were too dazed and lost in yourself that you didn’t remember?  Should I even be giving you the benefit of the doubt?

Please be a man, for the sake of abused women, mothers, teenagers, and children in this world.  Don’t have your mother come on and sit beside you and help defend your actions.  Sit there alone, and say “yes”.  Stop turning blame on people, or finding sources like your mother to defend your actions by saying “you were never violent”.   You may have never been violent but you are now.  The past and present are two very different things, Mrs. Brown.

This incident is quite profound in that it sparked many interesting responses, many of which I was not expecting what so ever.   When it happened, I immediately expected some radical groups to threaten, egg or do other acts to protest against his behaviour.  I also expected that other female friends of mine would agree that the incident was horrible.  I was wrong.  I happened to attend a social the weekend after it happened.  After the issue came up in different conversations the following responses included:

“Well, you don’t know what happened, and you can’t judge him.”

“Rihanna was a crazy bitch, thats why he did it.”

In addition to these responses, certain “celebrity friends” of Chris Brown came out and supported him.

I don’t have anything else to say.



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