“I felt like I was a walking uterus for the agency”

This article thoroughly disgusts me in ways I cannot even describe.  (if you click on ‘report’, it will link you to the site).

You really only have to read the first page out of the three.   The article is about an crisis pregnancy agency run by Bethany Christian Services, that disguised itself as an agency to help pregnant young mothers in crisis (that being, considering abortion).  The agency turned out to be a radical pro-life abortion agency and pounced on every girl who came there way.  They brainwashed (I think that is an appropriate word) pregnant girls to come there way and keep the child, and then give the child to wanting families.  However, the way in which they did this was most inhumane and sick.

They firstly convince the girl to keep the child, and then move her away to a “shepherding family” away from friends and family who can possibly influence her to abort.  After the child was born and given away to the adoptive family, the birth mother was then harassed and sent away.

The whole abortion debate has opened my eyes to not the debate itself, but how the debate is conducted.    Are you strongly offending people with how you protest your point of view?  Are you making their space uncomfortable?


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