Music for the Week

I decided to start sharing my favourite albums of all time with people.   The truth is, when you love something so much, its hard to not express it and talk about it.  One of my strong loves is of course the music.  Fingers crossed with schedule et. al. I want to talk about one album a week that I consider important, meaningful, ground-breaking and many other things.  Also, possibly, talk about singles that were not released with albums, since there are those out there.

I am by no means a trained music critique, but I am not necessarily aiming to do that with this portion of my blog. Instead, I just want to use it as an outlet to explain why it is simply, great music.  This section also encourages me to get out of my music bubble and be pro-active in finding different stuff that might be new.  Also, I think its nice to digress from my apparent and oh-so obvious issues with gender.   Taste and savour the sweeter things in life.


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