Reality TV and the ladies of entertainment

Reality TV really doesn’t like women.  I say that lightly.  Specifically VH1 reality series.    I could go off in all directions about the specific reasons and interpret, dissect the sexist degrading presentations of women in reality TV shows, but there is a deeper issue that underlies it.   How is this TV supported?  How does it get the go?    The answer is:  women participants support it.

The best example of the sexism found within reality TV is the Brett Michael’s Rock of Love/Bus of Love (or whatever the f&*% the series is called).   The show presents Brett Michaels as some established “rock god” like that of Mick Jagger or Robert Plant.  He takes on this ‘persona’ and claims he is on a quest for love.  Long and behold, 25-30 ex-strippers, strippers, mothers, women of all sorts show up at his door-step.   They hurt each other, and in a barbaric sense, compete for his “love”.   Various competitions are set up for them to compete and ultimately be damn fool.  Bring breakfast to his bed in the morning, fight in mud,  demonstrate aggression to one another, roller-skate with baby carriages, and other humiliating set-ups.

What mind-frame does one have to be in to participate in this?  Ok, lets see.  Money, fame, experience to be on television.   Uhhhh okay, yes that makes sense.  But why does this all have to be achieved through means of humiliation, degradation, and slavery for a male.  Is it really worth it?

Also is the series called Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav from Public Enemy.  Sadly, his portrayals of women tend to be mainly those of African American women fighting and lowering themselves to win a much-desired seat in bed with him.

Okay, yes there is the other MTV series with Tila Tequila, a bisexual female on a quest for love, yet little do they know, the profit of the show mainly depends on capturing a scene where there are lesbians making out in hot-tubs as male participant onlookers gush and enjoy the show.  Very very empowering.  I would think this to be offensive to the lesbian community because it objectifies sexuality between lesbians.  Maybe I’m wrong?

It’s like the big debate about prostitution and stripping, is it not empowering to make money and have the “sexual power” over men?

My answer is one that has not changed for many years now and it is no.   After sitting on many lectures, going over this debate in many classes, I cannot think of it any other way.  Yes, it may have the appearance of empowerment, but it is through males that the empowerment happens.  Tell me about other ways a female can be empowered, not by relying on money, fame, and success through the dollar bills in a male’s pocket, and then I will call it empowerment.

As for you Brett Michael’s, thank you for having series that presents the lack of intellectual, independent females on the planet.  How do you plan on raising your own daughter?  Make her think the same thing?   Maybe she can be a contestant on a show like that in the future seen how her father approves of that.brett


One thought on “Reality TV and the ladies of entertainment

  1. creeping on your blog! hahaha
    what makes me angry about women defending the whole ‘women using sexuality to gain power over a man’ debate is that men can be powerful WITHOUT using sexuality. why do women have to subject themselves as a powerful being while also being a sexual object? inevitably, because men are still belittling the woman as just a sex object, the power is then returned to the man.

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