Yoko and John meet Kemp and Sean

Recently, Sean Lennon and his girlfriend, Kemp, re-created the classic Leibovitz portrait of John and Yoko Ono, where he is naked and clinging to her.

This time, its the other way around. Kemp is naked clinging to a fully clothed Sean.



Hmmmm I kind of like the original.  You see the love a man has for a woman, whereas the other one seems more like forced a photo op.  Maybe its also because we I don’t know who Sean and Kemp were.  John and Yoko were a classic love tale of the late 20th century.    I even like the colours more in the original, very vintage and warm, inviting.  The contrast between Yoko’s black top and hair with the white warmth around her is stunning.  The second one seems more like Marc Jacob’s ad.  Nice, but just not the same.


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