The Tale of the Traveling Playlist

This playlist has been following me everywhere I go, whether it be the road, down the street or the gym.    Sometimes people make up ‘Soundtracks of their Life”.  This didn’t start out as being that, but naturally just became that.  Although I personally think my soundtrack for life would be much much longer, but meh, whatever.  So here it goes.  If only I could actually find sound-bite attachment to these songs, I would provide them but it be true that  Miss. Ally here is no technological coinoisseur.  I have indicated how I feel/most immediate memories that surface in response to these songs, hence, why they are on my untitled playlist.

1. Ray of Light, Madonna, Ray of Light   (waking up in the morning)

2. Sick Sick Sick, Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris  (dark, raw, and enjoyable to say the least)

3.  Teardrop, Massive Attack, Mezzanine  (meditative, focused and freeing)

4.  Happy Up Here, Royksopp, Junior   (happy in a real way)

5.  I believe, Simian Mobile Disco, Attack Decay Sustain Release  (hands up in the air, head is down, eyes closed)

6.  Human Beings, Seal, Human Being  (vinyasa)

7. A Cause des Garcons, Yelle, Pop-Up De-Luxe  (some power)

8. YOA (Twelves Remix), Theatre of Disco  (adrenaline, let go)

9. Strangers in the Wind, Cut Copy, In Ghost Colours   (nostalgic, and gentle)

10. Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix), The Whitest Boy Alive (night-time, 1am mojitos & cigarettes in Brussels)

11. Give it to me, Madonna, Hard Candy  (treadmill)

12. True Love Waits, Radiohead, The Best of.  (hopeful)

13. Young Folks, Peter Bjorn, and John, Writer’s Block  (2006, winter house parties, shisha smoke, hugs and warm people)

14. Paradise Cove, Pete Yorn, Back and Fourth (play)

15.  Band on the Run, Paul McCartney and the Wings, Band on the Run  (my childhood)

16. Queen Bitch, David Bowie, Hunky Dory (me)

17.  Erase-Rewind, The Cardigans,  Gran Turismo (high school dances)

18. Melody Day, Caribou, Andorra   (Marianne Faithful circa 1967)

19. Paper Planes, M.I.A., Kala  (Alex swinging his cane in Clockwork Orange)

20.  Electric Feel, MGMT, Oracular Spectacular (my 23rd birthday)

21. Tomorrow Never Knows, Beatles, Revolver   (top of the mountain & the rest of my life)

22.   The Drugs Don’t Work, The Verve, Urban Hymns  (saying goodbye)


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