To block or not?

As I sat down this morning, eager to write ‘something,’ this block came before me but I still insisted on sitting here to write it because I figured the words would find their way.

I used to have incredible resentment toward my writer’s block – general loathing, if you will. Blessed with it since Grade 10, it has been the monkey on my shoulders and the voice of utter intimidation. But – its taught me a lot. In fact, I don’t think Writer’s Block is strictly reserved to writing – we all have these ‘blocks.’ Whether its finding the right job, locating your passion, or being who you want to be, there will be those blocks – but what do you do? Let it continue to blocking or work through it?

As evidenced by my post today, I attempted to face it right there, right then. I am choosing not to judge what came of it (this could be a lousy post after all) and that is okay! Our imaginations are lively things and will dramatize those fearful job interviews, social events, or loneliness in any way it can.   My fear that you will hate this post and never read my blog again is present but its not stopping me.

Face the fight and its okay that its not perfect –  you faced it and that is what matters.


(and attached is a picture of my cat, Sita, in a meme of some sort via some app that makes postcards)



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