As I clutch my coffee…I salute thee

If there is one thing that I will likely grasp on to for my entire life it will be a hot beverage.  The hot beverage has played a magnificent role in my successes and in general, getting my day started — the greatest success of all.

Throughout my teenage life (when such habits began) my mother would regularly chastise me about why I would spend my money on coffee and tea. Now, she did and does have a point.  However, she doesn’t drink these items and always loathed hot drinks. Even when I am with friends these days, we like coffee but I could always go for another when they joke about it.

After thinking about this more deeply some interesting things came about in my head – possibly the realization that coffee doesn’t just get my day going, but it gets my life going.  It has been with me in the more stressful moments, my research, my work, loneliness, and the list could go on. In abrupt periods of emotional turmoil, fear, and depression, it is there — quite the companion.  But why?

To simply put it: It forces me to depend on myself, live with myself, and be with myself when I really don’t want to be. Rather than running away, shooting up a drug, smoking a joint, or drowning fears out in an open bottle, sitting with the heat in my hand makes me present. I don’t turn to coffee to escape, I use it to stay here.  I wonder if I am the only one?

With regards to money and spending habits, yes, I do concoct my own caffeinated beverages in my place of living, but the act of going, getting out of my apartment and just sitting with a coffee and this laptop is really all I need in life.  It is a $1.60 that I am willing to pay for this set-up.

This is just my argument for drinking coffee.  As any tacky corporate coffee commercial would argue: “It goes beyond the cup”


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