Yes, I am back

Not that you were waiting… I just wanted to announce that I am starting to write again. Much has happened in three years but it has truly changed me as a person and added to my experience of simply being a human. If there is one thing I would like to emphasize is that I […]

Laying down

This week, in more ways than one, has been like a yoga class (make it the longer, advanced class).    Last Sunday night, it was like getting ready to go to yoga class with 2 hours sleep, and very little to eat.  How can I do this?  So much to do, very little strength to […]

A Poem – Yes.

After investing a lot of time devoted to ‘constructing’ and developing some sort of ‘goal’ for this blog – I have given up.    I am choosing to think about no borders in terms of expression.  As a result, today I am sharing a poem.  It is one the closest to me and has been […]