To block or not?

As I sat down this morning, eager to write ‘something,’ this block came before me but I still insisted on sitting here to write it because I figured the words would find their way. I used to have incredible resentment toward my writer’s block – general loathing, if you will. Blessed with it since Grade […]

“Pig-eons” by Sita

(This is a post by Sita, not her owner). Today there was a pigeon, who saw to it, to royally piss me off.   After repeatedly asking kindly, that it remove itself from my balcony, it refused.  How defiant!  I then got into a shouting match in the forms of light, quick ‘meows’.  The pig-eon […]


I think this is the most appropriate of times to introduce… Sita. Sita is about 2 years old.  She was found when she was giving birth to her babies.  After Sita and her babies were found, her babies found loving homes, but she did not and instead endured rejection from time to time.  As time […]